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Health 2.0 Malta Meetup #1 2018

Talk video

Excerpt with my pitch/talk from the full video on Facebook:

Picture quality is not that great. And camera admittedly shaky.

This was my first talk in public since delivering my M.Sc. thesis viva back at University. And that wasn’t public. I had been working remotely since 2012. So getting in front of an audience was daunting. Also most of the audience was healthcare professionals. So there was some impostor syndrome too.

However I was talking about my side project. It’s a Maltese pharmacies directory which I had been working on since 2011. So I wasn’t representing anyone other than myself. Which is quite liberating.

What I did not foresee was the airconditioning malfunction at the venue. A five hundred year old building intended to withstand a medieval siege.

Still a great experience overall! Thanks to Stefan, the lead organiser, who took the time to convince me to do the talk over a cup of coffee ☕

Talk description

We’ve all wondered at some point in time whether a particular pharmacy is open or not nearby.

Meet Mr Joseph Victor Zammit, the founder of pharmacy.com.mt who will be kickstarting our pitch sessions:

Joseph has been in the business of writing code to tackle business challenges since “the millennium bug”. Previously worked in a large-scale business software agency and a successful internet startup. Technical co-founder of one that did not take off. Started pharmacy.com.mt as a side-project in 2011 at the same time he went freelance full-time. Thinks that “learning by doing” trumps “learning by watching”.


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