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I’m a software engineer. I finally got to write “for an audience” after 15 years “in the industry”, and well over 20 years dabbling with code.

The awesome, non-technical moretothat blog inspired me to write, especially these two articles:

If you’re considering writing yourself, give those two links a read.

I was also encouarged to write by Adam Johnson. His blog is one of the best. And one I follow when it comes to Python/Django related content. You will notice that this site’s layout is very similar. In fact, at the time of writing, it uses the same building blocks he used, which you can refer to here.

Another personal goal of this writing effort is to create more, consume less.

J.V. Zammit, May 2020.


Blog name

Why Untangled Development? The blog had been on my mind for a while. But I sat down and wrote during the pandemic lockdown.

I was watching a good old favourite comedy of mine to cheer myself up. Arrested Development.

The three seasons released 2003-2005 made up the original run. That run is gold. Don’t bother with anything released after that. My opinion.

The Bluth Company stairtruck still puts a smile on my face 😁
The Bluth Company stairtruck still puts a smile on my face 😁