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Django Day Copenhagen 2023

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Original submission:

A lot of material is out there to ensure that “style” is maintained for “non test” code.

But what is “style”? And why do we need a “style” guide? And why would we need a style guide for our tests code?

Explain to me with examples please.

When reading and doing further work on the talk, I realised there is no definitive styleguide.

The most suitable styleguide depends on the project, the team and the organisation as a whole. And it’s not something cast in stone.

The talk does not define a styleguide itself. But rather goes through:

  • What to test
  • How we think about tests, and
  • How we should write them as a result
    • This includes aspects of writing tests the team should agree on

Key takeaways:

  • Agree on what to test — this affects how to write tests
  • Code is read far more than it is written, so write tests you want to read



Github Repo

From which code samples were taken: https://github.com/jvzammit/cph23



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Example style guides



  • Discussion about usage of cyclomatic complexity metric in Python projects - StackOverflow.com

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